Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Husband Is An Asshole

Only yesterday night, I found out my husband is having an affair.

I woke up last night to go have a drink and I have no idea why I had the urge to look at his handphone.

My husband would normally delete his messages but last night he did not as he drank earlier and is perhaps a little tipsy
As I scrolled through his messages, I found intimate messages between him and a number he stored as "Alan". I walk to his mum who was still awake and told her straight to her face that hee son is havin an affair.

I called the number and it was a girl who answered the call. I kept asking her who is she and why arr there intimate messages between her and my husband but she wouldn't tell me. All she would say is that she is his ex-classmate and that I should ask my husband who is she and what is their relationship. At this point of time I was trembling with anger already while that jerk is still sleeping in the room.

I was so angry I switched on the lights in our room and started scolding him. No way am I going to live with a man who cheats. I carried my baby into my mother-in-law's room and I told all of them that I am leaving for good. I tried to take snapshots of the SMS and sent them to my phone but that bastard deleted everything while I wss busy packing.

You know what is the best part? Instead of being sorry, he kept insisting that I had forced him to have an affair. He kept trying to justify that he is right to have an affair! Imagine my anger! I called my mother and told her of the useless j ways and as I walked past him, he punched me in the back of my head!

As I packed up and go, my mother-in-law and father-in-law kept asking me not to go and to go only the next day as it was already midnight. My father-in-law then said that we can talk things out in the morning. That further angered me! This is not something to talk about! He had a bloody fucking affair! There is no room for discussion!

I asked my husband if he still wanted to be with the woman and he said yes! Right in front of my father-in-law! I told my father-in-law to take a good look at this useless son of his.

I packed my bags, grabbed my baby and left. If there is anything I can forgive, that is a cheating husband. Even on my way back in the cab, he is insisting that it is my fault and he questions why I can't forgive him. I tol him to go ask his sister if she can forgive her husband if he did the same and he went quiet.

What I really thought is ridiculous is how he kept insisting that I was the one who forced him to have an affair! He even tried to say that I was having another man outside. Now I know why he is always claiming to go to chalets and staying overnight. So he was with that slut!

He is asking for forgiveness now but I know I will never forgive. I am now a single parent!

It's shocking how things can change overnight. Just yesterday I was thinking that I should try to be better to my husband and that we should spend more time together. Now I know he don't deserve to have me being good to him.

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Anonymous said...

a true asshole

Anonymous said...

i am reading this on february first, six months after you discovered your husbands affair. I am wondering how you feel now, and whether you have reconciled or continued with your life without your husband. I was victim to a similar experience except I was 4 months pregnant when I found out about my husband's affair with a 20 year old girl (my husband is 50). It has been two years since and I am still angry and full of rage. Having said that, I would encorage you to explore healing and the correct way to feel anger. I have been in therapy all this time and it is barely scratching the surface. I wish you all the best and I pray for your strength.

Anonymous said...

sorry to say but it is a big YES >.< tell your hubby to go fu@k n jump off the building. My husband is the same as your bloody fu@king liar husband.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for leaving right away. My husband is a scumbag liar too. He is really good at making the world see him as this great, professional easygoing guy. I makes me furious!!! But I have continued to take the high road for my kids sake. He was seeing hookers and hiding money from me our entire marriage. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you and your child are doing well now.

Anonymous said...

Your husband is a narcissist. Run fast and take your beautiful baby with you. You do not deserve this